On Saturday, May 31st 2003 Matt had was on the KARE 11 Saturday Morning TV. show. This program is a news/talk show that airs all over Minnesota and in parts of Wisconsin as well. This was a promotion for his C.D. and also as a plug for weddings and parties. He played 2 quick shots as they went to commercial, and then there was an interview and a full song. Matt was able to be on the show after two of his former middle school teachers, wrote to KARE 11 telling them about Matt. This was all broadcast live so what happened happened, nothing could be changed. It was a great experience and a fun morning for Matt.

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Pearl Hartman celebrating her 91st birthday

Matt with Belinda Jensen
and Frank Vascellero.

Matt Haider performing his solo pieces

Matt and his mom,
Margee after the show.

Matt Haider and pianist Heidi Sapa

Matt talking with Frank Vascellero
before the interview.

The finale, God Bless America<

Matt doing a sound check
before the show began.